This Company Invented Marijuana Coffee Pods For The Keurig

cannabis coffee pods

Brewbudz also sought to address how the single-serving pods impact the environment — an issue that has hounded many companies focused on single-serve coffee because of the inherent waste involved. To that end, the company created a mesh-based 100 percent compostable pod. At the very least, the company’s cannabis-fueled brew should make that Monday morning commute a bit more fun. Cannabineers is a brand management company, and BrewBudz is its first market product. The parent company’s objective is to create a “normalization of cannabis consumption” to help patients that could cannabis coffee pods medicate with marijuana but are not doing it because they don’t want to smoke it. Its products range between 10 and 50 milligrams of THC each, with the highest dosing aimed at medical consumers and the lower ones aimed at recreational users. The idea is to avoid getting you “stoned” or “high,” while still delivering the more positive effects of cannabis. The thing is, like most other products out there, Jane’s Brew line uses high-grade CO2 cannabis oil to infuse its products. And, some believe that the CO2 extraction process changes the quality of cannabis flowers.

They offer EXCLUSIVELY ORGANIC and ETHICALLY-SOURCED coffee beans. Their beans are roasted in-house and infused with organic, non-GMO hemp from Southern Oregon. The coffee itself is a blend of beans from Nicaragua and Colombia, both ethically sourced and fairly traded via local co-ops. The resulting brew is a bold and rich coffee cup with flavors of dark chocolate and black cherry and a sweet, smooth finish. Their CBD extracts are produced from American grown hemp, sourced with the same exacting standards as the coffee beans.

For more information, check out our full Green Roads World CBD Coffee review. Some people falsely believe that just adding CBD oil to your coffee grounds or freshly brewed coffee will do the trick. But doing it this way can result in a very bad tasting cup of Joe. As a coffee lover myself, taste is something I can’t and won’t compromise on.

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Each Brewbudz pod, available in January to customers in six states where cannabis is currently legal, will cost about $7. Starting early next year, California-based Brewbudz will begin selling cannabis-infused coffee, tea and cocoa. The company’s pod delivery system — similar to K-cups — will be 100 percent compatible with the millions of Keurig systems already in American homes. Waking and baking just got a whole lot easier, thanks to One of the most notable examples comes from the hemp company Isodiol, which now offers a line of six infused K-cups. With names like “Wake N Bake” and “Hazelnut Haze,” their play on stoner slang is certainly cute — but don’t expect anything other than a caffeine high, since none of their products contain THC. French PressThe French Press which was patented in 1929 remains one of the most popular brewing methods in the world. This comes to no surprise given how easy to use and inexpensive it is.

  • Our company carefully selects the best coffee products made with premium ingredients so you can be sure when you enjoy your morning or afternoon cup of joe, it’ll taste like its supposed to.
  • Buying coffee products should be quick, easy, and cost-effective.
  • This CBD brand offers a pharmaceutical grade full spectrum CBD Coffee in the convenient form of a coffee pod / K-Cup.
  • Best Quality Coffee is dedicated to bringing customers the finest in K cups®, Coffee Pods, Brewed Coffee, Coffee Capsules, and T-Discs products.

Because they purchase only the best hemp for each batch, every production run has a unique profile of cannabinoids. This CBD coffee is the perfect choice if you want to kick off your day with a relaxing dose of CBD but don’t want to make any sacrifices in the taste or quality of your morning brew. To use the pods, all you need is a standard Keurig machine—but the brew-it-yourself pods aren’t exactly street legal in most states thanks to weed legalization laws. Right now, the Brewbudz cups are available via dispensaries in Nevada, and they’re coming soon to Colorado and California. The pods are 100 percent compostable with a soft mesh bottom and a top made from the outside skin of coffee beans. Each pod has 10 milligrams of THC for recreational users, and 25 to 50 milligrams of CBD (a pain-relieving compound that’s not psychoactive) for medical users, according to WestWord. If you live in a state that allows marijuana, Brewbudz wants to bring its product to you. This Cannabidiol infused coffee contains the highest quality, responsibly sourced coffee beans that are freshly blind-roasted and naturally infused with solvent-free, full spectrum CBD extract.

Using coffee pods means you don’t have to grind your coffee, measure it, and then manually brew it. These coffee machines reduce the brewing process to merely pressing a button. For an even more efficient experience, we recommend getting a single serve coffee machine that has a large water tank or water reservoir. The world of single serve coffee is also home to a plethora of delicious cannabis coffee pods flavors. With new coffee pods and K-Cup flavors being introduced every day, you’ll be able to enjoy them in full by using one of these incredibly efficient coffee makers. Miracle Nutrition appears for the second time on this list with its CBD K Cups / Coffee Pods. As with their ground coffee, the company uses high quality lab-tested CBD and delivers a great tasting brew as well.

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All of their cannabis-infused drinks are labeled with the CBD to THC ratio so that you can measure the psychoactive effects. They are handicap accessible, and you can bring in your leashed dog. A startup out of San Diego, California, has made it easy to add a little extra lift to your morning with marijuana-infused coffee pods. If your coffee machine brews with coffee pods, then you’ll need to find compatible pods of CBD coffee. Luckily, some companies now offer K Cup versions of their CBD brews. These pods are undeniably convenient, but they aren’t our favorite. Their coffee is often weak and stale tasting, and the negative environmental impact of these single-use plastics is hard to forget. When buying CBD products, don’t get so hung up on the type and quantity of CBD that you forget about the coffee.

cannabis coffee pods

Fortunately, the CBD infusion is flavorless and odorless, so you can shop for the same premium coffee beans, flavor profiles, and roast levels you typically enjoy. As coffee nerds by profession, we at Homegrounds aren’t huge fans of coffee pods. They tend to yield stale tasting coffee, and their negative environmental impact is nothing to scoff at. However, even we can appreciate the need for convenience on a hectic or low-energy morning, and on those days when only a K Cup will do, Naked CBD is our top choice. cannabis coffee pods Each bag of this CBD coffee starts with a premium medium roast blend of Colombian Arabica coffee beans, featuring caramel and nuts’ characteristic flavors. They’re infused with 160 mg of CBD per 8 oz bag, or about 10 mg of CBD per cup. If you’re not sure of your preferences or just enjoy a bit of variety in your morning brew, buying the coffee flight is a no-brainer. You’ll get a small sampling of three of the company’s most popular single-origin coffee beans, so you can try them all and find your favorite.

The cannabis choices will range from 10 milligrams of THC in each pod for recreational users, and 25 to 50 milligrams of CBD for medical users. Consequently, the company fashioned a product line that both provides the “entourage effect” of marijuana and is lifestyle-integrated—meaning that consumers won’t have to change their routines to use them. It’s all about not disrupting people’s rituals, about getting cannabis properties in your coffee, while still being able to enjoy a full cup of hot joe, as if it didn’t have weed in it. In order to retain all of the properties in cannabis flowers, they invented a way to “powderize” flowers, instead of extracting the oils. Since they were first introduced in the 1990s, single-serving coffee pods have changed the way many Americans drink their morning cup of joe. Organic CoffeeTaste the all-natural difference of organic coffee pods, kcups, and whole bean coffee. Best Quality Coffee has brought together some of the healthiest and environmentally-friendly organic coffee products for you taste buds to enjoy. Single Serve Coffee MakersOn a tight schedule or just don’t have the time to wait brew a cup of coffee? Then welcome to the world of single serve coffee pods and K-Cups where you don’t have to sacrifice taste for convenience. K Cup coffee makers have been largely responsible for the rise of coffee consumption over the last few decades.

Such news may be enough to tempt some who cannot wait for their early evening wine to add a little something extra to their morning cups of coffee. Yes, those little cups of pre-made, Keurig-compatible bean syrup can now be purchased with a bit of cannabis laced into them. A California-based company called BrewBudz is jumping into the cannabis industry with weed-infused coffee and tea pods, which are said to fit inside any standard Keurig coffee maker. That’s right, soon cannabis enthusiasts will be able to start their days with some marijuana-fueled java with just the push of a button. We’ve been experimenting using our Keurig to make things other than your average coffee for years. Even better, each Brewbudz pod is made from compostable materials like the skin of roasted coffee beans and is compatible with both Keurig and Keurig 2.0 brewers. Unfortunately, Brewbudz are only available at dispensaries in Nevada, but there are plans to expand to Colorado, California and other states in the near future. The pods come in regular and decaf coffee and tea varieties, and are available in a range of doses from 10 milligrams to 50 milligrams of THC .

Brewbudz is the brilliant marriage of cannabis and coffee to get your morning started properly. Described as a Sativa-dominant, the Keurig-style pods allow for a convenient and discreet way to ingest mother nature’s medicine in the morning. The high won’t be as intense because the Brewbudz pods are infused with flower instead of concentrated THC or CBD, but Love says that’s what the company wanted. Cannabis-infused coffee is nothing new, and neither are But Brewbudz believes its infusion process and sustainable packaging set it apart from other drink makers. Instead of infusing its coffees, teas and cocoas with THC and CBD concentrates, which lose cannabinoids and terpenes during extraction, Brewbudz is infusing its K-cups with flower. This article has been updated to remove incorrect references to the Brewbudz coffee pods as K-cup products, because Brewbudz is not a Keurig licensed brand. A company called Brewbudz, which is part of the brand Cannabiniers, is now selling marijuana-infused single-serve coffee pods according to BuzzFeed.

cannabis coffee pods

Like some other companies on this list, Green Roads World uses pharmaceutical-grade CBD. This CBD is then formulated by a licensed compounding pharmacist so you can be sure you’re getting the best product through and through. Green Roads CBD Coffee is made with delicious Colombian coffee beans as a medium roast. We were very impressed by the presence of flavor and subtle notes.

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Best Quality Coffee is dedicated to bringing customers the finest in K cups®, Coffee Pods, Brewed Coffee, Coffee Capsules, and T-Discs products. Buying coffee products should be quick, easy, and cost-effective. Our company carefully selects the best coffee products made with premium ingredients so you can be sure when you enjoy your morning or afternoon cup of joe, it’ll taste like its supposed to. We offer a large variety of single serve coffee pods as well as the coffee machines to make them. For those searching for the best CBD K Cups or coffee pods on the market, we highly recommend checking out NakedCBD. This CBD brand offers a pharmaceutical grade full spectrum CBD Coffee in the convenient form of a coffee pod / K-Cup. Each organic CBD coffee pod contains 10g of coffee and 10 milligrams of CBD. The CBD in this coffee is 100% non-GMO and no chemicals were used during the extraction.

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